virtual classes


offer you a 


personalized experience.



Classes that meet multiple times are scheduled in an open-enrollment fashion, so you can join when it's convenient for you, and you can make up classes without penalty. All classes ae now virtual—please ensure your technology is working before the class time.


If scheduled times don't work for you, suggest a time that does. We're flexible!

New Beginnings

Building a healthy bond with your dog 
This class will help you and your dog connect by teaching you how to calmly and confidently interact with one another. You’ll learn how to motivate, engage, and advocate for your dog in complex situations with other people and animals. We’ll also troubleshoot challenges unique to you and your dog. (4 weeks, $110, offered Thursday nights at 6:30p or upon request)


Together, we will help you and your dog explore small, fun challenges in a rewarding environment. With each accomplishment, your dog will become increasingly confident! We’ll explore the ways that carefully-introduced challenges can actually help your dog feel good. (4 weeks, $110, offered Thursday nights at 7:45p or upon request)


Bonding plus

For those who would like to jump start their training with a course that combines the best features of our bonding and confidence-building class. We'll cover both building a great relationship with your dog while simultaneously working on confidence-building activities, as well. (6 weeks, $135, offered upon request)

 (Designed for the new dog in your life)

Clicker Classes


Based on the Karen Pryor curriculum, our 6-week introductory clicker-training class will teach you to communicate effectively with your dog while learning basic obedience skills, such as response to name, recall, loose leash walking, waiting at doors, settling in one spot, sit, and leave it. You will also learn introductory training concepts so you can teach additional behaviors of your choice after you complete the class. (6 weeks, $135 offered on Sundays at 6:15p or upon request)


Advanced Clicker Training

For the trainer who is ready to try more complex challenges, this course will be different each time based on your personal goals. Conversations will include components of fluency and may include compound cues, poisoned behaviors, cooperative care, behavior chains, and/or other topics that the students choose. (6 weeks, $135, offered upon request)

(Our version of obedience classes)

Short and Sweet

(Classes on focused topics that meet one time)


Part activity and part observation, this class will help you keep your dog focused and calm in environments with other dogs and people. Dogs will be introduced to one another gradually in a controlled setting. You’ll learn about the complex ways dogs interact and how to anticipate and redirect behaviors. Prerequisite: New Beginnings 1, Clicker Foundations, instructor approval, or private consultation. (1.5 hours, $40, offered upon request)


Out & About

This class is intended for dogs that are easily distracted by other dogs and people. You’ll learn basic leash skills and how to confidently partner with your dog when encountering distractions, identify and troubleshoot challenges, and maybe even apply what you’ve learned on a walk through the neighborhood. (1.5 hours, $40, offered upon request)

Shy-dog Social Hour

If your dog is hesitant to join activities with people, this instructor-facilitated session is for you. More informal than a class, this drop in session will provide your dog an opportunity to socialize with other people and dogs in our non-threatening, homey environment. We’ll throw in fun, confidence-building activities, too. NOTE: This course is limited to dog-social dogs and may have more dogs per trainer than other classes. ($22.50, offered upon request)

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