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Our Services

Scheduling a class or consult is the first step to building a fantastic relationship with your dog.

Contact us for more information, or register now!

We offer a range of basic and advanced training, confidence-building, socialization, behavioral, and topics classes. Our class sizes are the smallest in the area, limited to four students.

Prices are $115 for four-week classes and $150 for six-week classes. 

Spaces is limited! Contact us to get started.

Online Classes

Sometimes dogs need one-on-one attention. In those cases, we offer private consultations.

To ensure your safety during COVID-19, we have shifted to online sessions for the first visit. This model allows us to:

  • record our session and share the recording with you.

  • take notes for you during our session.

  • offer real-time instructions for you and your dogs.

  • provide examples with my own dogs.

  • share videos to illustrate points.

Price is $120 for virtual sessions. After the first session, we offer a range of options, including 30-minute sessions or in-person sessions with COVID protocols in place. 

Get started on your training journey by booking a virtual session today!

Virtual Consultations

We offer seminars on various topics selected and designed for your group. 


See what we're up to. And, because we're small, we'd love to hear your suggestions for additional classes and times that are convenient for you.


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