This page includes some Giffy original documents and other resources I turn to time and again. 

Giffy Originals


Activities for Fearful Dogs

For dogs that are timid when encountering novel environments and animals


Resource Guarding

Tips, activities, and additional resources for people who live with dogs that guard items and animals they perceive as valuable


Capturing and Shaping

A brief explanation of the two basic concepts of clicker training, capturing and shaping


Shaping Schedule, Blank

A blank shaping schedule to help you plan your training sessions


Shaping Schedule, Sample

A completed shaping schedule with multiple behaviors included


What to When you See Loose Dogs

Tips about what to do when you see a loose dog 

Websites, blogs, videos, and podcasts

Calm Behavior

  Protocol for Relaxation , Dr. Karen Overall

  Train Your Dog to Do Absolutely. . . NOTHING!, Dogmantics

Children and Dogs

  Stop the 77

  Doggone Safe


  Train Sit: Say Please and Suddenly Settle Demo, Sophia Yin



  Doggie Drawings, Lili Chin

  Vet Behaviour Team



  Drinking from the Toilet: Real Dogs, Real Training, Hannah Branigan


Punishment and Dominance

    Debunking Dominance in Dogs, Australian Veterinary Behaviour Interest Group

    Position Statement on the Use of Punishment for Behavior Modification in Animals,

         American Society of Animal Behavior

    Position Statement on the Use of Dominance Theory in Behavior Modification of Animals

        American Society of Animal Behavior


  Engage-Disengage Game, Alice Tong

  B.A.T. 2.0, Grisha Stewart

Separation Anxiety

  Malena DeMartini

  NOTE: Separation anxiety can only be diagnosed by a veterinarian. You may wish to schedule an 

  appointment with your veterinarian or a veterinarian specializing in behavior to rule out other

  explanations and/or explore treatment. 

Training Videos

  Kikopup, Emily Larlham