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Effective Dog Training


How we're responding to COVID-19:

Your health and safety are top priorities at Giffy dog, so we're supporting clients remotely. We've made the following changes: 


  • Virtual classes give you the same access to compassionate, effective dog training you've come to expect from us.

  • Online consultations include video recordings of the training, follow-up reports, and email support—a great option for people with fearful dogs!

  • Fresh training videos keep you informed via YouTube and the Giffy dog Facebook page.

Can we support you in other ways? Let us know.

We're in this together.

Why choose Giffy?

With so many trainers, how do you select the right one for you and your dog? We believe people should be empowered to choose a trainer who fits them perfectly.

When you entrust us to work with you and your dogs, we want you to be confident that you've made a great choice. We're happy to discuss your needs as well as our methods and philosophy, so please contact us with questions.

 (Pronounced "Jiffy")

 Our community is online.

Stay in touch!

What makes Giffy dog Different?

I have lived with hundreds of dogs.

I’ve been working with dogs extensively since 2000, when I began fostering rescue dogs. Over time, I started to work with dogs that had behavioral challenges, puppy mill or hoarding dogs, dogs that had trouble with housetraining or behaved unpredictably on a leash. I grew to love the challenging dogs.

Calvin (26).JPG

And do you know what?

Almost every dog that came to my house thrived. I stopped counting how many dogs I have fostered in 2012 when I reached 250.


Fostering dogs has shaped my training. I understand dogs because I’ve had a unique opportunity to live with and learn from them.


Eventually, my experiences providing foster care for dogs led me to train.

- Cheryl Gfrerer, KPA-CTP, MA


This write up is amazing!!! I’ve been working off of it every day with our training sessions. I appreciate your expertise and thoroughness! WE have already learned so much from you! Jin-Gi is doing well! “Touch” was a challenge for him. However, on day #2 of practicing, he was a pro (intermediate pro)! 


                     Thanks for being such a wonderful dog AND                                           human trainer/educator!

-- Kate S.
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